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    Snowfall will continue into the afternoon, then the clouds will break up.

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    Starting sunny, then increasingly cloudy and possibly some snow towards evening.

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  • open lifts 40
  • open ski slopes 58
  • Snow
    valley (slope) 56 cm
  • Snow
    mountain 103 cm

Franz Reisch

Franz Reisch-quote "Sepp, I would have to beat it into you to prove how beautiful it was”

Franz, it is said, explained to his friend Josef Herold in the winter of 1892 | 93, after his first successful skiing. Reisch had read the sensational book "On snowshoes through Greenland" "Auf Schneeschuhen durch Grönland"  by Norwegian polar explorer, Fridtjof Nansen in which the author expresses enthusiasm for Skisport. The writing was receiving worldwide attention - also in Kitzbuehel.

This may have been the trigger for the unprecedented development of that sleepy mountain town into a Mecca of skiing. Franz Reisch of Kitzbuehel was interested and inspired by Nansen stories from the far north, ordered a couple of “planks” from Norway. Despite the sceptical attitude of many contemporaries in Kitzbuehel who come out with things like "Check this out, now is the Reisch has really gone crazy!"

He soon started on bigger tours. On 15 March 1893, he skied down from the Kitzbuehel Horn. In the first issue of the magazine "The snowshoe", from 1 November 1893, he describes his experiences, thus providing the first Alpine Skitext. Photographs from the early days of skiing in Kitzbuehel were provided by Josef Herold.

People started to make skiing trips together and arranged regular ski races in 1895. Hand in hand is the development of winter tourism. Then the first apartments we leased, hotels opened and first issued commercial ski lessons were started. 1902 sees the establishment of the famous Kitzbühel Ski Club (KSC). Kitzbüheler Skiclubs (K.S.C.).

On 6 January 1920 Franz Reisch, the first skier in Kitzbuehel, died on Schattberg in Kitzbuehel, coming back from a ski tour, he was only 36 years old. For 10 years he served as mayor in Kitzbuehel and laid the foundation for the "sports city Kitzbuehel". Franz Reisch was the most imposing figure of skiing from the beginning of his career until his death. Kitzbuehel was the main winter resort in Tyrol before the First World War. It had its resurgence after World War II but he did not live to see the development, although he was still at the helm. His work continued to be passed down to his followers, still using the same philosophy at present.

On 6 January 1920 died on Schattberg in Kitzbuehel, coming from a ski trip, the first skier Franz Reisch Kitzbuehel, he was only 36 years old. For 10 years he served as mayor in Kitzbuehel and laid the foundation for the "sports city Kitzbuehel".

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